How does TweetJourney work?
You need to "Enable geotagging" under "Settings" in your Twitter account for TweetJourney to work.
TweetJourney scans the last 100 tweets in the the selected account.
Out of these 100 tweets we will only display and work with geotagged tweets.
From the generated list you can remove any tweet that you don't want to be part of your route.
When done you click "Let's go - show journey" and a map is created for you.
Below the map you will find a linke to your route/journey.
Copy the link or use the Facebook and/or Twitter links to share it with your friends.

Can I pre register a journey for real-time updates?
You need to have created at least one journey based on old tweets on this site to make this work.
When you are ready to start your new journey send a geotagged tweets including the hashtag #tjs.
The tweet will be used as the title of your journey. In a couple of minutes you will get a tweet with a link to your new journey.
You can now share this journey with friends and family so they can follow you as you go along.
To add tweets to your journey just add #tj to a tweet and it will be added.

Can I add my journey to my homepage?
Yes, add mini after the domain name ( and you will get a clean version which you can link to from your homepage.
Mini version:

Which Twitter applications are supported?
This list is and probably always will be somewhat incomplete. Please let us know if you are using or know about a application that send geotagged data to Twitter and that is missing on this list.



Tweetie 2
TwitBird Pro

Java enabled devices (Nokia, Blackberry and others)


What image services do we support?
Often the image service is a default setting the in the Twitter client and we try to support most services that have a API. Please let us know if you are missing a service.

What other applications send geotagged data?
Today most applications have a option to update Twitter from within the application. Some of them send geotagged data as well.
Flook Discover and share the world around you. (iPhone app.)
Foursquare on your phone gives you & your friends new ways of exploring your city. Earn points & unlock badges for discovering new things. (iPhone, Android, Palm)
Gowalla Go out. Go discover. Go share. Gowalla. (iPhone app.)
WAYD will promote and encourage internal and external communication. Communicate more and better. (Site + iPhone app.)

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